Coming Up With a Name for Your Business

Expecting parents spend hour upon hour with the baby name book, trying on different monikers for size. There are many important decisions to make: should they choose a traditional name, or a trendy one? Name the baby after a family member or a Greek goddess? It’s an important decision with lifelong consequences—much the same as naming your business. Here are some helpful hints and tips so you can choose just the right name for your new company.

What to Avoid When Naming Your Business

Here are 5 things to avoid when choosing a name for your business:


Crazy Misspellings.

Changing an “S” to a “Z” is annoying enough—avoid multiple spelling changes or no one will be able to Google your business name.


Unpronounceable names.

If your business name is impossible to pronounce, it’s hard for people to give you word-of-mouth referrals.


Starting your business name with the letter “A” because that’s the way it used to be done.

Back when the Yellow Pages was the only go-to source for people to find your business, people vied for those hot-property names—not so much anymore.


Complicated names.

If you have to continually explain what your business name means, it’s not doing you any favors.



Using your last name can be a detriment, if you’re not careful. The name “Taylor & Sons,” doesn’t tell people what your business does. However, “Taylor & Sons Plumbing,” does.

What to Remember When Naming Your Business

Five things that are important to remember when choosing the best business name:


Your name is your brand.

People will identify your business by its name. Keep it clear, easy to pronounce and relevant to your product or service.


Use the most common spelling.

This makes it easier for people searching online to find you.


Fit your name to your business.

If you’re a financial company, a serious, formal name is appropriate. If you operate a daycare, your name should be friendly and fun.


Description is your best friend.

Adding just one word to describe your business makes a big difference when it comes to people recognizing what you do.


Keep it short and simple.

Short names are easier and faster to read, making your signs more effective, and they’re easier to remember.

A Few More Consideration for Naming Your Business

  • Don’t forget to check to make sure that the name you choose hasn’t already been registered. Start by Googling the name; then check with your county clerk or state’s business development office.
  • Check to see if you can buy the domain that matches your business name. Ideally, your website address will be the name of your business.
  • Check social media profiles to make sure your name is available, and set up your company’s profiles early on to avoid copycats.
  • Once you’ve chosen the perfect name, apply for a trademark to protect your brand.