The pithiness of the logo

It is very important not to overload the logo values. If there is too much in the logo - but not synchronized in a unique form - then the whole work is null. The development of a logo is a science that has a centuries-old history.


In fact, heraldic signs can be called the first logos, they depicted the pedigree characters. Heraldic signs had their own informational architecture, they were composed according to certain canons. The cry of the genus has to be on the heraldic sign, the motto, the colors of the family, the coat of arms, the order, the pedestal, the shield. In accordance with these instructions, the family created their heraldic signs. They coded the general unique information about the family - its origin, status, principles, and other concepts.


With the fact that there were many values, no one was confused with heraldic signs. Since they were logically organized. Accordingly, such signs are defined in a concise way, because if we can decrypt them, then we will recognize each element of the code and understand what information it carries.


In the modern world there seem to be no canons, but the laws of logic and architecture of the sign no one canceled. Only under the condition of logical information architecture, the logo will be concise and understandable for its target audience.