The history of sports logos

Today there are a lot of ways to make logos for websites. It's enough to have the Internet or basic knowledge about using such software as "Photoshop" or "Coreldraw". There are special online designers who make the process quite simple and fast. Here are both templates and tips and more. Most importantly, all this is absolutely free. An essential disadvantage of this method is that it is often a limited functionality of the services, and it's almost impossible to do the author's work. One of the most difficult logos to create are the sports logo. It should be really unique and to get it, it's enough just to start a contest for the best design of the sports logo on one of the crowdsourcing platforms.


Many of logos of famous sports brands are recognizable all over the world. Logos of Fila, Zoo York, The North Face and many others can be seen on the each second T-shirt in your town, but do you know the history of this companies and their logos?


The North Face label


Jackets of The North Face have got the name "white man's J's"  on the streets. Despite this, they were very popular among all segments of the population - both white and black. As is customary, favorite brands were shown respect with lines in carts, as Biggie did for The North Face on the track "Dead Wrong": "Take her Gucci bag and her North Face off her back". Blown jackets were especially appreciated for their quality, but they cost fabulous money. However, everything was perfect for the changeable climate of the East Coast. It must be said that the course chosen by the company deserves admiration. From the sports goods manufacturer, The North Face has evolved into the most up-to-date brand, whose portfolio consistently includes joint projects with Liberty, Comme des Garçons and Supreme, not to mention the premium Purple Label line.

For better recognition of products, the company has developed a logo that has not changed today. It is an interpretation of the summit of Half Dome in the Yosemite National Park. It was designed to symbolize that The North Face® is the best outfit that can be bought for money and as reliable as possible. The legendary logo The North Face was developed in 1971, by designer David Alcorn.


Zoo York label


In 1993, after a failure with Skate-brand Shut Skates, Rodney Smith and Bruno Musso decided to create a company, Zoo York. Seeking the leader of the same graffiti gang Mark "Ali" Edmunds and enlisting his blessing, they got down to business. Their friend Eli Gesner at the time was responsible for the visual image of Phat Farm, the brand who later popularized the preppy style in hip-hop culture, and often abandoned his main work and did graphics for Zoo York. From 1989 to 1993, there were not many skaters in New York, and they all hung out in the Supreme store with ZY boards.

Harmony Korine was already sitting on sponsorship by that time and moved to New York to study as a director. Harmony met Larry Clarke and eventually filmed his film "Kids", which graphically illustrated the lives of urban teens of the time. Zoo York subsequently even made a TV show Skate Maps, which talked about their team. But what is most interesting, when the three founders realized that with the development of the brand they lost that spirit of hardcore skateboarding, they sold the company of the Ecko Empire and returned to their roots, reviving Skate-Shop Shut Skates, which, by the way, looks much more relevant and Zoo York and Supreme.


Fila label

Fila is a South Korean brand, founded in 1973 in Italy. Later, the US corporation bought the brand with the most Illuminati naming - Cerberus Capital Management, which began to fill the company's affairs through a subsidiary holding. Unclearly, the South Korean branch received autonomy for self-government and later bought out the rights to the brand. In the cultural aspect, Fila noted contracts with rapper Nas and, perhaps, not the most obvious option - with the singer of The Cure, Robert Smith. In the 1980s, the rappers Steady B and Schoolly D, who dedicated songs to him, confessed their love for the brand. And in Texas, even formed a hip-hop group Fila Fresh Crew. In addition, the brand perfectly played on its Italian origin and powerfully lit up in the cult series "The Sopranos". By the way, in the series "Evangelion" the hero Toji Suzuhara drives in a sports suit, on whose chest the name of the brand flaunts, though not in the form of a formal logo. Fila is also relevant today, especially against the backdrop of the obsessive presence in the market of such majors as Adidas and Nike.

In 1973, Fila brand logo appeared - the letter F in the square.